Avengers Comic Book All Cotton Cloth Lunch Box Napkin 12x15 in Size Style Three by Smartkin


100% cotton. Machine washable and very absorbent. You will love the size for everyday use. They are 12x15. This Avengers Napkin has a woolly nylon serged edge. Your kids will love using this napkin!! Great for lunch boxes, mealtime or on the go.

*the listing is for 1 napkin. Please feel free to mix and match depending upon everyone in your families style.

My family and I switched from paper napkins over 3 years ago. I haven't bought a paper napkin since! I don't miss it. Cloth napkins have been so easy to incorporate into our lives. My kids set the table with their own special napkin and we reuse for other meals if it doesn't get too dirty. The dirty ones I put in a bag under my sink and at wash time, I grab the bag of dirty ones and toss them in.

My suggestion if you are just starting to go green with cloth napkins is to buy 5 napkins per person. That will get you started for the week. My napkins are priced mostly individually and I think you will find something for everyone, including dad. If not, let me know and I can head to the fabric store. :-) I hope you enjoy incorporating this fun way to go green.

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