Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

It all began in 2011 when I was working at a music school and we needed some fun cloths to clean the instruments. Originally my sister made the cloths to clean musical instruments. They weren't exactly what the instruments needed. My son picked one up and used it for a napkin. The light bulb went off.

My kids started putting them in their lunch boxes. Realizing the options were endless for fabric choices, I started custom orders to fit all the different children's needs. I was keeping my sister busy. I would pick out the fabric, prewash it and cut the design out. She was responsible for sewing on the surged edge. We started out with some really cute designs. They sold like hot cakes.

My business expanded after about 6 months. I realized that there was a market for fun cloth napkins for the kids lunch boxes. I had my first home party and sold 150 napkins in an hour!
After a year in business she helped me design and make my new sandwich/snack bags as well as teaching me to sew. I am always working on and developing new products so always stop back in to see what great new products we come up with. Currently, I am making all my own products. I do birthday parties, weddings, anniversary, and the list goes on. Convo me with any special requests. Thank you for visiting Smartkin.

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